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Warm greetings, our dear friend!

Allure Restaurant is not only about delicious food (although of course we have enough of it), beautiful area (of course it is) and the charm of our pets. Moreover, this is about special atmosphere that each of our team creates .

The waiter, the chef, the hostess, the administrator, the director, the guard and the owner… each of us is responsible for this magical state of mood.

What is this mood and atmosphere? This is a magical “something” that is felt by both guests and employees.

Our guests feel so comfortable here that they are ready to share with us the most significant events of their lives: wedding of their children, their birthdays and anniversaries, the name-day of their grandchildren, and college reunion. They come to us with children, because they know how we love them. Our cooks — they know they love their little guests, and the waiters know how to make them laugh and play. The atmosphere is when each of us forgets about our household problems and shine with a smile. When we take care of the guests and each other, not dividing the tables into “mine and theirs”. When a piece of paper is picked up by the first one who saw it, without calling the hostess. When one holds the door, knows the name of each employee and his birthday, remembers the guest’s tastes, and knows how to keep up a small talk. When one work not for the season, but by vocation… This is the atmosphere we create with you in “Allure”.