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Grand Prix as equestrian club was founded in 2010.

Early in 2011, as the part of the club, the stud farm was established, and starting from 2011, we started breeding, training, and preparing for dressage competitions, as well as selling horses to the Trakeneen, Oldenburg, Westphalian and Ukrainian riding breeds.

To get high-bread foals, a breeding farm was organized, which is currently located in the village of Verkhny Rogachik, Kherson region. At the same time, in 2011, 20 mares of the Trakehner, Oldenburg, Westphalian and Ukrainian riding breeds were already purchased.

The breeding flock of our plant is formed by mares having genes of elite dressage stallions (Sandro Hit, Sir Romancier, Kostolany, Hohenstein, Sir Donnerhall, De Niro). High-breed stallions Poseidon (Sandros Diamant – Pinega), Cyr Romansier (Furst Romancier – Samarant), DJ (Jazz – Dance with me (DeNiro)) were also purchased. The presence of high-breed mares and stallions allows us to get well-breed foals, and in the future – high-class sport horses.

To organize horses training, the stud farm has a base equipped with everything necessary for effective work. The horses of our equestrian club regularly perform at dressage competitions, which show excellent results.

Today our equestrian club can offer elite horses of dressage, hobby class horses or ponies for its customers. We will help you organize the leisure of your family, teach horseback riding, conduct unforgettable forest rides on horseback, as well as arrange rental of standing-stall and horses training.


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