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Photo session in the equestrian club

Wedding, model, amateur, fabulous and other photo session take place in Grand Prix Equestrian Club. We invite you to see a selection of photos of those who decided to come and get their piece of happiness.

Here you can make yourself an unforgettable and extraordinary photo session, as well as get a lot of pleasure from the process of interaction with these graceful animals in a wonderful place. On the territory of the Grand Prix there are many picturesque places where the photographer will help you to open up in a variety of images.

If you are looking for a photographer who would feel your character and temper and was able to transfer it to a photo, we offer to see those who were already with us, they know their work very well and will be able to make you a great photo shoot.

Price – 1000 UAH / hour without a horse, 1500 UAH / hour with a horse. The maximum number of guests who are included in the cost of a photo session is 25 people. People over this amount should pay entrance fee – 20 UAH

Price includes:

  • horse rental;
  • boat rental;
  • photo session at the stables.

+ arbor rent for the photo session period – 500 UAH. / hour (if available)
* photographer’s services are not included in the price


Two perfect creations… An ancient dialogue between man and horse. It doesn’t matter if you are a little girl who wants to be a fairy-tale princess or an elegant lady who is training her horse, and maybe a cowboy on an unbridled mustang. All these images can become real and live in the pictures that the masters of their work will photograph with love:

Irina Kostyleva – tel. 066-907-93-63

Anna Yaprushkina – tel. 066-847-92-88

Tatiana Hartman – tel. 095-355-34-44

Natalia Timanova – tel. 050-130-41-21

Natalia Voschenko – tel. 066-946-01-00

Anna Grigor – tel. 050-667-97-48

Denis Ivannikov – tel. 050-587-82-02

Alexander Andryushchenko – tel. 050-315-91-42

Pavel Artemenko – tel. 095-311-60-55 (video)

Vladimir Puzyrev – tel. 099-048-61-71 (photo and video)

Alexey Miroshnikov – tel. 050-315-60-30 (VR-video)

We are waiting for you with any ideas and dreams that tend to come true!

Additional information by phone: 050 396 40 30